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iTube is the best alternative to solve the problems faced in YouTube application. Even though YouTube is one of the best video players and sees the videos in the background but you will only play music, and you cannot see the video when you use this option. So for this iTube App is the best option that has solved the problem and it is also offered to be played in offline. In this iTube app, you can easily download the videos from YouTube into the app and then listen or watch whenever you want. iTube Pro is the best video and music player in which you can watch your favorite music videos directly from YouTube in offline mode. The app will help you in organizing your favorite videos in a playlist which is one of the most advanced technologies used in an iTube application.

Guide to User Interface of iTube

iTube app has a very simple and easy to use interface. It is not much complicated in using the application. As soon as you launch the app you can either research or simply go back to what is already playing, go into your history, go to your favorite playlist. Without being confused, you can easily operate the app with simple options. If you want to watch a particular video then by simply going to the search bar and enter the video that you would like to watch. And just click on search button which will take you directly to the video that you desired.

When you search for any particular video, then you will-will see the videos based on relevance, published comma view count, playlist, and channels. The playlist can be created by the user upon the interest and sort all your best videos and music files in just a single place itself. And creating the playlist is one of the best options as you’re there for do not have to scroll through your whole history to get into your recent videos on music files. Over all the user interface is very simple and its an outstanding beautiful design which is simple and practical

iTube Apk Download Latest Version

App Name iTube
Version 2.20.13
Filesize 10.3 MB
Developer iTube
Category Entertainment
Downloads 10,00,000+
Last Updated March 2021
Operating System Android | IOS | Windows
iTube App Download

Features of iTube App | Playtube App

  1. It is very simple to use and available at no cost.
  2. You can search millions of videos movies from different video search engine like YouTube.
  3. Unlimited download and watching videos and TV shows in HD quality.
  4. The user can create separate playlists according to the genre, album, names, etc.
  5. One can Play up to top 100 songs or top 100 from various types.
  6. Store the history of watched videos and make them favorite
  7. Children Music is available.
  8. Lock the screen to display only music.
  9. Login with Youtube account to alter any playlists & bookmarks.
  10. Simply Double tap on the video to zoom it out, one tap to reject controls.

iTube App Functions:

  • Cache Video: This is something exactly like downloading videos directly from the top websites. It not only download a video but will also keep the catch a copy of the video when buffering it. So that it will be very easy for you to watch the videos very fast. Hence you will have all your videos in a catchy file so that you can refer to them whenever you want.
  • Manage Playlist: It is very easy to manage a play playlist by sort all the favorite videos and tube pro music download files based on your interest. So that you can watch them with just a single click. The playlist can be managed according to the latest watched videos, sorting your favorite videos and all.
  • Play Video in Background Mode: This is one of the most advanced features in which you can play the videos in background mode. Perhaps this is the function of multitasking in which you can do anything when the video is playing in the background. It will never interrupt your work when you play the videos in the background.
  • Very fewer Adverts: It is very interesting to say that the app clearly does not provide many advertisements. So the user will not get annoyed a disturbed with the popup Windows and advertisements. Since less the number of advertisements are more, you can enjoy your favorite videos and music without getting disturbed often.
  • High Definition Quality:
    The user can choose the picture quality depending upon the Internet speed. So the quality control of the video is directly in the hands of the user. It provides a resolution of up to 1080p.
  • Easy Interface: The interface is user-friendly is very easy to use, and even a small 10-year-old kid can easily operate the app. It is more interesting for people of any age can use this app very easily.
  • Works in Offline Mode: Many of the apps will not provide offline mode streaming of videos. But the iTbe app is the very best and interesting in providing offline mode streaming of videos and music. The user can completely enjoy the application even when there is no Internet or WiFi.

Playtube App or iTube Pro Apk is one of the best ways to download and install the iTube app. The application is available in apk file format you can easily download the file and install it in your mobile. The iTube apk file will help you in downloading all the videos directly from YouTube and will provide you complete entertainment in watching them. For a long time, all people are using cache files to save the MP3 music files that are downloaded from YouTube videos. So iTube Pro Apk is one of the applications that is allowed to download to Android mobiles. With the help of iTube apk file, you can install it on music files on any Android mobile and personal computers.

Download iTube Pro for Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry

The iTube application is available for all smartphones like Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry devices. The tube application is directly not available in Google Play Store, so you need to go through an alternative way to download the iTube Pro app. The direct download link is available online, or you can also go to the official website of iTube and from where you can directly download the app. To download the application on your mobile phone, you need to make some changes on your phone in which you need to enable ” Unknown Sources .” Once the app is downloaded, then you can make changes to the settings by disabling the unknown sources. With this, you can completely enjoy all the best features that are incorporated in an iTube application.

iTube Apk For Android     Download iTube Apk For IOS   iTube Apk For Windows

iTube free video Downloader is an application that allows you to download MP4 to your smartphone. The app is very very soon as we can see your memories from your smartphone to play them whenever you want using your favorite video. iTube is a free application for people who would like to enjoy more videos. The user interface of the app is also very easy to use and has different features which are incorporated in the application. MP4 Tube Video Downloader DOES NOT support Youtube due to their terms of service. There is not an app in the market that lets downloads from youtube.

Download Latest Music Mp3 Songs, Music Videos Through iTube App 

The latest version of iTube Pro is available. This version is being continued as per version 1.0 and V1.4 exclusively for Android devices only. And the latest version can be downloaded for your favorite video playlist as an MP3 song to your mobile. The application is downloaded by more than one million people who have become the best and the first choice for music download iTube application.

How to Install iTube Pro on Your Smartphone

The simple steps to change the source of installation are as follows:

  1. At first, you need to make changes to your mobile settings. Go to Settings–> Security. And then Enable or allow the Unknown Resources.
  2. After the settings are changed, then you need to download the iTube Pro app.
  3. When the download is completed the next process is to install the application on your phone.
  4. Click on the install option, and then you need to select the option, the file gets installed.
  5. Once the installation is completed, then the app is ready to use and play videos.

How to use iTube App

The application is very easy to use by anybody. Since it has a very friendly user interface. This is the main reason why most people are interested in using the iTube app. Here you will find the step-by-step procedure for how to use the application when you want to download it in installing your mobile.

  1. Log into your Youtube account via iTube.
  2. Create a playlist on your computer and load it with music.
  3. Hit “refresh” in the playlist tab in iTube. The playlist should appear.
  4. Open the playlist and Voila, and the songs should appear as normal and remain cache-able.
  5. If adding songs to your playlist, simply do it via youtube on your computer and then go into the playlist on iTube and refresh it and the added songs should appear.

Why should you choose the iTube application

  • The app is an effect, and it is available without any delays from software manufacturers, and other lagging features are the best to choose the iTube app.
  • iTube MP3, tube pro provides benefits which with a whole package of entertainment of videos and music as well.
  • The app is facilitated by providing songs and videos that can be managed by the user itself. You can easily download any videos or songs, and the catchy music can be saved in a folder with the online and offline buffering of videos.
  • The playlist is provided in which you can sort your favorite videos and music in a separate folder. This will ensure you in providing the videos and music of your category in a separate playlist.
  • The audio and video players in iTube are provided with different types of players. The app is available in a small icon in which it can be made quickly from one place to another place either on your mobile or on your desktop screen.
  • One of the most interesting features that are available in an iTunes app is the favorite category which will allow you to mark all your favorite videos and music. All the market favorite videos and music files can be viewed in offline mode when you do not have any Internet connection.
  • The user-friendly interface is very much attractive to the people who use the application. And it will also provide you with useful other applications which are available in the market.
  • The iTube app has a search function that will help you accurately in searching for your favorite videos in music files. You no longer have to wait so much time to browse other options which are available on the list. The app will provide you with a simple search, and you can very easily jump into the videos and open them.
  • The application is compatible with headphones so you can change your skip a song if you would like by using your headphone button easily.
  • The application has many features, and it also provides less battery power consumption which is one of the main aspects in which most people are looking for. The battery usage is at an optional rate that will allow you to display on mode to consume less power.
  • They are many video and music player apps in which you may be facing lots of problems. So the problem can be easily solved by using the iTube application. You can easily use this app if you want to text or click the picture of how many functions while listening to music.

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