iTube Pro Download For Android + IOS + Windows + PC

Download iTube Pro App : It is fun to watch the videos and stay entertained whenever you feel bored. And most of you will prefer to use YouTube for streaming of videos. But they are some limitations in YouTube that only if you have any Internet connection, you can watch the video. This shows that you will not have any chance to watch the videos in offline mode. To download the YouTube videos, you need to require a third party. And the third party is nothing but iTube Pro app. This application is one of the most famous YouTube video downloader. iTube is a mobile application that is best for watching and downloading of latest directly from YouTube. iTube Pro music download APK file is the leading free multimedia player which is supported by any operating system. The application will allow you to watch your favorite videos on your phone out from your personal computer. It has many interesting features in it like, full HD quality of the video, offline streaming, online streaming, Creating your playlist and so on.


  • 100% iTube Pro download free app
  • Fast streaming and downloading speed
  • Create your Playlist
  • Top 100 YouTube Videos suggestion
  • Greater UI Design and amazing user-friendly interface
  • Search bar to look for your favorite video or music

Download iTube Pro For Android Mobile


App Name iTube
Version 2.20.13
Filesize 10.3 MB
Developer iTube
Category Entertainment
Downloads 10,00,000+
Last Updated March 2021
Operating System Android | IOS | Windows

iTube Pro for Android devices can also be used to download MP3 music files from played YouTube videos. The MP3 music files can be downloaded by just searching for any way that you want to play it and then you can save the music in a catchy file directly into your smartphone. Android devices do not allow APK files to install into the device by default. In the same way, the apk file cannot be downloaded directly for the iTube app in Android phones. So you need to make some changes into your phone before you download the iTube Pro.

Download iTube Pro Android App
  1. At first, you need to make changes in your mobile settings.Go to Settings–> Security.And then Enable or allow the Unknown Resources.
  2. After the settings are changed, then you need to download the iTube Pro app.
  3. When the download is completed the next process is to install the application on your phone.
  4. Click on the install option, and then you need to select the option, the file gets installed.
  5. Once the installation is completed, then the app is ready to use and play videos.

Download iTube Pro For Windows Mobile

To download the iTube Pro app for Windows mobile, you need to follow the same procedure which is required in Android mobile devices. Since the app is not directly available, so you need to download it with an APK file format.

Download iTube Pro Windows App

1. Start the process of downloading the iTube file with the help of tube apk file format.
2. Before you get started by downloading the file you need to make changes to your mobile phone.Go to Settings–> Security.And then Enable or allow the Unknown Resources.
3. After this, you can directly go to your Internet browser and search for the iTube Pro download android.
4. Once it is found you just need to click on it so that it will be downloaded.
5. When the download is successfully done, then you need to install the app.
6. The process of installation is very easy to buy just by clicking on the install option the app will be directly installed in your Windows mobile.
7. Once the installation is completed, you will be provided with an icon on the home screen from which you can easily open and use the app.

Download iTube Pro For PC

Download Install iTube Pro For PC As it is said that the iTube Pro app is not directly available in personal computers also you need to go with an alternative way. So for this, you need first to download and install Android Emulator. The Android Emulator will act as a mediator for you to help you in downloading the iTube Pro app. The best Android Emulator is BlueStacks.

Download iTube Pro PC App

1. Start the process of downloading the BlueStacks emulator on your personal computer.
2. And then you need to install it. After successful installation opens the BlueStacks emulator and go to the search bar and search for iTube Pro app.
3. When the app is found in the search field then simply click on the download option in which within few minutes the app will be downloaded into your personal computer.
4. After the download is completed, you need to install it by clicking on install.
5. Within few minutes your App will be ready for your desktop. You can enjoy watching all your favorite videos by just clicking on the app that is available on the desktop screen.

Download iTube Pro For iOS 

The procedure for downloading of iTube Pro For PC & all the mobile devices is same. And here also the same procedure is required to download the iTube Pro application. You should also make changes in your iOS devices like iPhone or iPad.

Download iTube Pro IOS App

1. You need to first go to your mobile settings and should make some temporary changes in it. Go to Settings–> Security. And then Enable or allow the Unknown Resources.
2. Once the changes are done, then you need to go to the browser and then search for the iTube Pro app.
3. The apk file of the app is easily available on the Internet by just clicking on the download link you will be getting the file downloaded on your iOS device.
4. Now make sure that you install the app on your device.
5. If the installation is successfully completed, then you can tremendously enjoy the app from your iOS device itself.